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Prez Kaldeno was a member of Liberalia, and the owner of the nation Kalikanna and its sub-sectors.

Prez arrived in Liberalia in July 2006, and was very active in Parliament and many other aspects of Liberalia life. He strived to become a prominent and influential personality in Liberalia and has tried to make a difference.

Prez is many different people, he is a peguin loving madman, a Libertarian, a Director of Security, and a loudmouth crazy person. He is open for critisism, but will always fight for what he believes in. He is widely admired for his creative penguin avatars, which are also the flags of his nations. He was one of the most active forum members, and always provided a good laugh.

Prez was part of the Liberalian Libertarian Party and was a co-founder of the Unrecognized Nations and Peoples organisation.

Prez left Liberalia in January 2007 because of his growing unhappiness with the region. He currently resides in lichentia.

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